Look Out For These Swimming Pool Trends In 2019

Look Out For These Swimming Pool Trends In 2019

April 30, 2019 0 By admin

Wouldn’t It Be Perfect, If You Own A Modern & Stylish Swimming Pool That Would Mesmerize Your Guests, And “Wow” Them?

Swimming pools are a fine, wonderful place for recreation and exercise. Also, it’s a worthwhile addition to your real-estate for flaunting a luxurious status and lifestyle.

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Swimming pools can become groovy if you remodel it to a new look and install in them with state-of-art facilities.

Here are some upcoming trends in swimming pool designs and equipment:

Infinity Edge Pools

Infinity edge swimming pools are unique and off-beat versions of the traditional swimming pool design. The water seemingly flows to the edge of the swimming pool, unveiling a visual effect of a swimming pool without boundaries.

They provide an exotic leisure space, just like you are at the edge of the world. Infinity edge pools or wet-edge pools are best for enhancing the breathtaking views of your surroundings.

Themed Pools

Themed pools became very popular since last year. These pools are fashioned into unique styles and patterns that outclasses ordinary pools in style and grandeur.

A theme enhances the pool with a distinct personality, just like tropical forests, deserts, and beaches. Nowadays people plan their swimming pools on themes inspired form imaginary and exotic worlds.

Dark pool Interiors

Dark color tiling is currently the favorite of pool lovers, they provide a kind of sophisticated aesthetic beauty to the swimming pool. It feels like a natural extension of the surrounding landscape. Some kinds of tiling give a deep ocean like appearance for the swimming pool that makes it more desirable for swimmers.

Sun Shelves Or Tanning Ledges

Sun shelves or tanning ledges are a hot favorite nowadays. They are made at flat shallow edges for sunbathing and chilling out on a hot summer day. Sun-shelves are usually found in resorts but people seem to find a liking to it, and just want them built at their custom-built home swimming pools.

Swim-Up Bars

It was popular during the mid-seventies, in 2019 they revived it again. They elaborated the swimming pool built with sunk outdoor kitchen near to the pool with counter-top and bar stools made in the pool. People can have drinks and snacks while swimming to the bar without leaving the swimming pools, it is useful during parties and celebrations.

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